About GreenData

An Agrotech platform, a hub, and an information Portal

Green data is an Agrotech platform, a hub, and an information portal for every Agro-allied business in Nigeria.

This platform was hatched after a strong research given due diligence was carried out by a team of patriots who are practicing farmers and young graduates of Agro-related programs, who saw a gap and the need to bridge the gap in various Agricultural value-chain. Here we bring together Agriculture in its totality with all its value chain and Information, using Technology to drive them together.

We cover all forms of trading, interactions, knowledge sourcing, research and job creation as relates to Agriculture and Agro-allied businesses .we are the now and the future of Agriculture.


To be the leading Agrotech platform where every information and aids pertaining to Agriculture and its value chain can be sourced.


To continuously build a robust community of farmers and their database where information, technical know-how, financing, market linkages are made available at all times to the benefits of all stake holders in the Agro-allied industries.

Benefit For Our Users


Being part of GreenData is not just free also you are entitled to alot of items.


Free Fertile Seed

Which include Foreign and Local Seeds

Customer Support

Need help: Available 24/7

Veterinary Service

Access to a Vet. Doctor

100% CBN Support

Access to CBN farmers Support Fund

Object of GreenData

Gather information of all farmers (i.e a portal for farmers) as it provides statistical information about what they do and to what scale, their locations and as such can be utilized by investors, researchers, different Government bodies, leaders of thoughts et cetera., for effective planning and budgeting.

It’s a portal for different Agro related professionals like Animal Scientist, Veterinary Doctors, Crop Scientist, Soil Scientist .Extension worker et cetera as the platform will continuously provide jobs and consultancy for them. Every registered user of the platform has a dashboard where one can seek services of different professionals as it relates to Agriculture.

The platform has an inbuilt market where farmers display their products and thus gets direct access to consumers.

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Friendly And Dedicated Support Every Steps On The Way


Our Team


Jude Ngama

Manager Ochiagha Integrated Farm

Eseni Ibiam Orji

GreenData Admin

Esther Chinalurum Njoku

Animal Scientist

Peter Onwuka

Exwhyzee IT Consultant

What Other Farmers Are Saying

am greatful for all the things you guy are doing.

Peter Farms